The Brighton and Hove Common Ambition Housing Pathway Map

16 December 2022

How and why we made the map:

In our work we are concerned that from the point people experience a housing crisis their physical, mental and emotional health is affected. They can become ill or existing health issues can become worse.

We wanted to map the journey people who experience housing crisis and homelessness go on, so people who have not had this experience understand why people’s health suffers. To do this we created a map of the housing pathway which is a path people take in Brighton and Hove if they experience housing crisis and manage to make contact with services who can help them.

This is a pathway. It is not a journey. People’s journeys are much harder and more distressing to hear about than what we have shown here. What we know from lived experience and from listening to people with experience of homelessness is that becoming lost or stuck at different points on this pathway causes harm and distress that can leave people with lifelong disabilities and health

We made this map together so we can describe people’s experiences of the housing pathway in Brighton and Hove. We made it so we can explain exactly when, where and how people experience barriers, difficulty and stigma so that we can work with
people in our city to create change. We believe this map will be a valuable resource across the city of Brighton and Hove
for the local authority, service providers, as well as people experiencing homelessness.

It was co-created in collaboration with the BHCA steering group, Arch Healthcare, Justlife, the University of Brighton and service designer, Charley Pothecary.

Using the map:
Because we acknowledge that the map is an ever-changing live document and we believe in collaboration, we ask that you get in touch:
  • With any feedback, input or to collaborate with us
  • If you wish to use the map for a professional purpose, for example training, please ensure Brighton & Hove Common Ambition is duly credited.
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