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My body is my vessel
Written by Shift, a member of the Steering Group with Lived Experience. Shift is also a community reporter for Groundswell’s Listen Up! project and this article has also been published on its online Hub of health and homelessness insights.
Homeless Health hub: Launch event
Homeless Health Hub launch event
Common Ambition and Our Big Hub Idea
A first look at our big hub idea, written by Shift, member of Steering Group with lived experience.
Click here to read a poem about stigma, written by Shift, member of Steering Group with lived experience 
BHCA Ending well showcase event
On 29th November, the BHCA team hosted a successful showcase to present and celebrate our work over the past few years.
Alien Story – Co-produced Comic
BHCA have been working alongside PhD student Tom Roberts to co-produce a comic book detailing some of the challenges faced by people experiencing homelessness and how we can co-produce solutions. Read the Alien Story about facing stigma and judgement below.
The Fly, The Spider and the System Web – Coproduced comic
The Fly, The Spider and the System Web comic which depicts one of our themes: Barriers to Accessing Care and Support. It follows a fly character struggling to navigate through a difficult messy web in order to get the accommodation and care they need.
Captain copro – Coproduced Comic
Our third and final comic defining and exploring the key concepts of coproduction
Coproducing medical student training
At the end of 2022, BHCA worked with Dr Kate Pitt at Arch Healthcare CIC to coproduce a new Student Select Component (SSC) for the Brighton and Hove Medical School called Homelessness and Health.
‘Building community with Common Ambition’
Emma Anderson (University of Brighton) published an article in BPS Psychologist Magazine which spotlights BHCA as an example of good practice of coproduction, and argues the importance of lived experience involvement in a community psychology context.
Launching Our New Website
On the 25th April Brighton and Hove Common Ambition launched its new website. The Steering Group co-produced a presentation for the launch event. This blog details why and how this website was co-produced.
Raising Awareness for Mental Health Week
As part of Mental Health Awareness Week (15th - 21st May), the Brighton and Hove Common Ambition Media and Comms Group have put together some reflections on the topic.
See the Person, not the Problem
By Matt, member of Steering Group with Lived Experience. Highlighting and challenging mental health stigma.
Giving Your Words
Written by R.J. Lawson, member of Steering Group with Lived Experience. The power to challenge misconceptions, as well as to speak up against the injustices found within the system often does not exist for people experiencing homelessness.
From where I was to where I am now
Written by Steering Group Member with Lived Experience about their experience of the project. "I started in this group because I wanted to make a change with certain services, like housing, doctors, mental health services and the council."
A Trauma-Informed Approach Check in, Choice, Control.
By Jude, member of Steering group with Lived Experience What does trauma-informed working look like? For us at Brighton and Hove Common Ambition (BHCA) it is multi-faceted, but essentially it’s about checking in, choice and control.
The fruit of our Labours – Presenting The Housing Pathway Map
By Jon, BHCA member Presenting our Housing Pathway to Caroline Lucas MP and Lloyd Russell Moyle MP
The Brighton and Hove Common Ambition Housing Pathway Map
We wanted to map the journey people who experience housing crisis and homelessness go on, so people who have not had this experience understand why people’s health suffers. To do this we created a map of the housing pathway.
Mythbusting Homelessness Misconceptions
Written by People with Lived Experience. The BHCA challenges myths and misconceptions of homelessness.
Working Together: Common Ambition Event, June 2022
On the 15th June the Brighton and Hove Common Ambition (BHCA) team delivered our first big co-produced event! This was called Working Together.