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Raising Awareness for Mental Health Week

18 May 2023

By members of the Media and Comms Group with lived experience
As part of Mental Health Awareness Week (15th – 21st May), the Brighton and Hove Common Ambition Media and Comms Group have put together some reflections on the topic.

Homelessness and mental health:

Experiencing homelessness has an impact on mental health. If you haven’t got the basics that you need it has a negative effect on your mental health. 

Mental health stigma:

Don’t judge people for things they can’t control. Stigmatising mental health just makes it worse. Anyone can be affected by poor mental health. Mental health is variable and not fixed.

Supporting each other:

Mental health isn’t something to be scared about talking about.  Being open to listening makes it easier to talk about it. What can you do to listen to people?  


As steering group member, Matt puts it “By normalising and educating people about the realities of homelessness and mental health, we can build a more compassionate, empathetic and caring society” – for more on this, visit his blog that explores how co-production can help us break down barriers, seeing past the stereotypes and letting go of judgements surrounding homelessness and mental health 

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