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BHCA Ending well showcase event

18 December 2023


Wednesday 29th November, The Brighton and Hove Common Ambition team ran a successful showcase event. Its purpose was to present and celebrate the project work from the past 2.5 years. The event was well attended, with a great mix of professionals from the sector councillors and commissioners, as well as people with lived experience. 


There were three presentations delivered by steering group members. The first presentation gave an overview of the project, and highlighted some of our group procedures and practices. The second spotlighted our medical student training which is being taught at Brighton and Hove Medical School. For the final presentation, the steering group spoke a little about the project ending and Dr Mary Darking, the project’s evaluation, presented her evaluation work. 


There were two interactive tablework sessions in between the presentations facilitated by steering group members. Attendees could choose the tables they went to. Two tables were quite practice focussed looking at coproducing a group agreement and discussing Checkin Choice Control. The other two tables deep dived into two design sprints: The Housing Pathway and The Homeless Healthcare Hub. Attendees were able to give feedback and input directly into our work contributing to our coproduction practice.


We also put our work up around the room which included System Maps, The Comic Book, The Housing Pathway, The Homeless Healthcare Hub,  as well as some of our How We Work content. It was great to see all our varied work around the room. People were given time to read and engage with pieces of work that were more or less relevant to them. The whole event showed how much we have completed and learnt throughout the duration of the project; from service design, co-creating practices to presenting and facilitation.


In line with our trauma-informed practice, we started the event with a group check-in and closed with a group checkout making the space feel welcoming, inclusive and collaborative. From the checkout a lot of attendees left the room feeling moved, informed, and inspired.


This event was part of our Ending Well work because our project funding ends in March 2024. In line with our project practice, we are coproducing an ending that is first and foremost trauma-informed and safe, and we build a lasting legacy for our work.


Special thanks to Jem Wall, HydrocrackerTheatre Co. Communications Coach, for his communications and presentation support.

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